TERIAK is the opioid replicant of former LOONS french oniric rapper.

It consists of a spreading atomic cloud composed mostly by smoke agregate and frustrated particles.

Capture d’écran 2014-01-08 à 16.28.27The organism is adapted to modern pollution and ambient toxicity induced by comtemporary ways of life, savage capitalism and excessive individualism.

It’s morphic face is marked by raw ryhtmic patterns followed and surrounded by etherical elements. Direct basslines symbolizes the ability to transmit and to understand eachother.

TERIAK is open to dialogue and express itself better in dual combination like in bands MANATOME ( with GEINST), SUBTEREAN (with SUB ACCENT), MANDRILL (with EUDARN) …

Autonomous projects are also in preparation and will be distilled when the data agregate will be accomplished.

Teriak is a very paradoxical unstable corpus but optimism is dominant.


You can see him live there.